Brad’s Plumbing


“We have used Brad’s Plumbing for our home renovations and new construction. Brad and his staff are fast and super experienced in all plumbing needs. Excellent plumbing!”

-Jim Carr Construction LLC 

“I have been using Brads Plumbing for several years and have been very pleased with their service. Brad and his team were professional, very polite and a pleasure to to business with. I have used them at my home and my business several times. 

I have never felt pressured and have always sensed his honesty and sincerity. Brad and his team stayed with all my jobs until they were complete and Brad made sure that I was informed at every step and that I was completely satisfied with his work and the results. I highly recommend Brad and his team to anyone who needs plumbing repairs.

They will respect your home and makes sure it’s clean when they are finished with the job. And most of all, Brad and his team share our Christian values and that is very important to us. 

I plan to continue using Brads Plumbing for years to come! “

-Steven R. 

“My name is Hannah Hatton and I have been a designer for 20 years. I have been using Brad for all my plumbing jobs for the past 8 years. His work ethic and expertise are superior to other plumbers I have worked with in the past. He is reasonable, accommodating, takes care of his surroundings on site and has integrity. My clients always have complementary things to say about him. When I refer a client to him, I can trust that the job will be done correctly and expediently, and that means a lot to me.” 

-Hannah Hatton

“We have worked with Brad since “the beginning.” He is always attentive, responsive, and courteous. We recommend Brad and his team to our friends throughout the Greystone community, and are proud to call him a friend.”

-Skippy T.