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We know that each and every customer and each and every facility comes with their own unique set of needs.
As a result, we can provide the best water heater for your needs.

Let the experts at Brad’s Plumbing service your water heater.

Our services include Gas & Electric, Repairs, New Installs, Tankless Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heater Cleaning, Expansion Tanks.

Tankless Water Heaters

Depending on the volume of hot water used in your home or business each day, a tankless water heater might be the best option for your specific situation. This method only heats water when absolutely necessary, which will keep your building energy efficient. 

Storage Tank Heaters

These are the most common water heaters seen in homes and businesses. They usually store roughly 30-50 gallons of hot water at a time, releasing when needed. These heaters typically come with a higher installation price, but can be the more efficient method for a family or company that uses high volumes of hot water.